ROUNDUP: Design 3.2.2013

March 2, 2013
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In this Roundup, we have prototype tools for mobile, another salvo in the Responsive Design wars, a thoughtful piece on Design-Thinking MBA’s, HTML5’s Smart Elements, Words-as-Images, and the ever-popular new and improved web design methods.


Admittedly, this stuff is not for everybody. Just the really cool people. ; )

Cheat Sheets for Graphic DesignersA useful collection of 40 cheat sheets for the designers and developers.

Brilliant Web Forms: Everyone hates filling them out but these designs are making them more fun. Sometimes a lot more fun.

 Should Designers Fear Design-Thinking MBA’s? “In discussing this issue with colleagues, I’ve found that many of us in the design community have become somewhat defensive and protective about the unique qualifications we possess and quick to point out the essential differences between the two practices.”

HTML5’s Smart Elements: HTML5 just may be winning the Native App vs. HTML5 debate but only time will tell. Until then, these smart elements are pretty handy.

Words as Images: Designer Ji Li’s book entitled Word as Image brilliantly illustrates the power of “picturing words”.

 A Few Design Trends Worth Noting: Just trying to keep it alive, fun and refreshing.

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