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Customer Experience: A Quick Primer

March 7, 2013
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In a recent User Experience meeting that I attended in Virginia, the issue of User Experience and Customer Experience was raised. To some it is just semantics but to practioners and clients of either (or both) it makes a world of difference.


My own experience tells me that Customer Experience resonates with C-level execs and User Experience certainly interests C-level execs but Directors and Managers tend to buy User Experience. Hey, just an observation. Since the subject of Customer Experience (or Service Design in the UK) is still in the formation stage, it would be helpful to look at some points-of-view on the topic. But first, a couple of definitions of Customer Experience…

Customer experience transformation experience transformation

Customer experience transformation (CxT) is a strategy that uses business process management to enhance customer service experience from …

Customer experience experience

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and services , over the duration of their … 

What is a Customer Experience


Car Breakdown – Great Customer Experience


Grant Rant #88 – 5 Customer Experience Mistakes -5 Customer Experience Mistakes What Customers Hate – Why Customer Service Sucks – Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone discusses the top 5 phrases customers hate and how to improve customer service. Don’t allow your customer serv…

Gary Loveman: Use Big Data to Enhance Customer Experience

Caesar’s CEO Gary Loveman talks with MIT CDB’s Andrew McAfee about how data has to be used to attract and retain customers.


Here is an agency that positions themselves as driven by data, enabled by technology and inspired by culture:

I’ll leave you with this chilling fact…a good example of the delta between perception and reality when it comes to Customer Experience: A 2006 Bain and Company report found that 80 percent of executives believed their company delivered a superior customer experience, while only eight percent of customers said they received one. (Bain 2006) [3]

Customer experience systems experience systems

Customer experience systems are integrated business and operational support systems (BSS/OSS) that particularly address service providers … 

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