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Temkin’s 2013 Experience Ratings Are Out.

March 15, 2013
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Food shopping. I love it and hate it, usually at the same time. My wife and I are down in Florida this week and we found ourselves picking up a few beach items in Publix and I didn’t hate it. At all.

Note even a little. I had never been in a Publix before but my wife had when she visited friends in Naples and had noting but good things to say about them. The Publix we were in had wide aisles that eliminate that annoying “bump factor” that come from having narrow aisles (I am looking at you, Trader Joe’s) and plenty of helpful people available. And the immaculately clean store had big, bright signage that allowed you to quickly scan for what you are looking for from anywhere in the store…no one wants to be lost in the supermarket but frequently we are. At home in Virginia it is a steady rotation of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Kroger’s for us in so Publix was a new experience.

But wait, there’s more.

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Later that night, after a lovely dinner overlooking the water I received an email on my iPhone announcing that Temkin’s 2013 Experience Ratings had been released. While I wasn’t familiar with this customer experience survey, I was curious to see how they did the research and how the companies fared. Topping the list was Publix, which we had been in for the first time that very day! OK, that got my attention. Who is Temkin and what are these Experience Ratings?

A quick Google search revealed that Bruce Temkin was behind the Forrester’s Customer Experience Index [Login Required], which I have been following for several years…instant street cred in my book. I had also attended the Customer Experience conference in NYC that Forrester produces and absolutely loved it.

According to Temkin’s site, “The report analyzes feedback from 10,000 U.S. consumers to rate 246 organizations across 19 industries” so it is a pretty good sample set. In terms of methodology, they looked at three areas:

  1. FunctionalHow well do experiences meet customers’ needs?
  2. AccessibleHow easy is it for customers to do what they want to do?
  3. EmotionalHow do customers feel about the experiences?

Publix Supermarkets came out on top of the list as the best scoring company on the functional, accessible, and emotional criteria.

So who was at the bottom of the list? U.S. Airways. Hey, if you have flown U.S. Airways in the past few years that isn’t even a surprise. In my experience U.S. Airways is the root-canal-without-novacaine-of-the-skys.

The Temkin’s 2013 Experience Ratings appears to be free for a short period of time so you might want to get in on that. At the very least, there are some good discussion starters in there for your company or clients.


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