The Beautiful and Terrifying Experiments of Startups

February 24, 2013
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We all love babies and puppies and pretty much anything when it is young even if they tend to be loud and messy. It is that innate optimism and vast potential we see in things that are just starting out. The big question is always is this acorn going to grow into a mighty oak…or just stay a little nut? The early years are always maddeningly messy yet also quite beautiful. And this is why we love startups.

Here’s a story about great beginnings, a place so interesting I would be happy to be the janitor there just to walk the halls.

The guy who houses hundreds of startups: Plug and Play’s Saeed Amidi

He owns the building where Google and Paypal got their starts. In his many locations around the world you’ll find hundreds of startups. (Around 200 startups in Sunnyvale alone. Nice.)

Okay, you have a great idea, you managed to gather an A-team of co-founders and you are ready to rock the global startup stage! Nothing is stopping you except maybe one thing: your location.

4 Tips for Startup Success When You’re Not Based in a Major Market


Maybe you work at a startup now or have worked at one in the past. Then you know what you are getting into, both the good and the bad. But what if you have only admired startups from afar but want to get closer? Here’s a couple of good presentions to get you thinking.

So you want to do a startup, eh?

Startup life and culture is super sexy and all sorts of founders are appearing in their jeans and t-shirts and boyish/girlish grins on the covers of magazines and newspapers across North America. Seems that millions of dollars of money is being thrown left right and center at anyone with a dream and the gumption to pursue it. There has been no better time to quit your day job and pursue this. It costs next to nothing to build stuff on the web, right? Only it isn’t *exactly* like that and we’re only hearing a small portion of the stories.


Starting your Startup

Choosing your technology stack is one of many decisions you’ll have to make when creating a company from scratch. Along with this, you’ll need to figure out who you should found a company with, who you should take money from, what the company culture should be, management processes, and who to hire when. Joe will be covering basic technology stack choices (cloud v. hosted, frameworks, etc.) as well as other critical decisions one faces when starting a startup.


So what are some things to avoid in a startup? Well they are certainly numerous and plentiful but here are four that are good lighthouses to keep your startup off the rocks:

The Four Biggest Mistakes Startups Make – Business Insider

The Four Biggest Mistakes Startups Make but along the way, as he’s invested in startups and advised their founders, he’s seen entrepreneurs continuously making the same mistakes that crash their companies, he says.




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